RVCAloha | Episode 1

Press play and enjoy a highlight reel from our stint on the North Shore thus far. Stay tuned for more from RVCAloha this winter.

Film/edit by Etienne Aurelius.
Drone cinematography by Eric Sterman. Additional footage by Travis Kuhlman & Blaine Suque.

The Thrill is Back | Michael Ho

Michael Ho. A legend amongst legends on the North Shore.

We hope you enjoy this installment of our The Thrill is Back Series, featuring archival footage from RVCA Advocate Herbie Fletcher.

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Bruce Irons | Inspired By...

Bruce Irons, Inspired By... Andy.

It's no secret that Bruce is back with a fresh perspective and a drive to surf his best. Hear from Bruce on what motivates him in the latest installment of our Inspired By series.

Video by Blaine Suque.

A Volcanic Scape | Octavio Barrera

A short film by Dani Millan featuring RVCA Europe Advocate Octavio Barrera about how skateboarding & traveling come as the perfect mix for creation. Dive into a 5-day exploration from Barcelona to the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, in search of inspiration and time off from the city rush and daily routine.

The Thrill is Back | Kelly Slater

In this installment of our The Thrill is Back series, Herbie Fletcher narrates us through early footage of Kelly Slater on the North Shore as well as some super 8 footage of Kelly at the trestles event in 1990.

Andrea Dosouto | Inspired By...

Andrea Dosouto, Inspired By... Street Culture. Hear from photographer Andrea Dosouto on her journey capturing the everyday reality of subcultures in the latest of our Inspired by series.

Video by Blaine Suque.

Nathan Strom | Bali

RVCA Advocate Nathan Strom on a couple fun sized waves in Bali. Film/edit by Jimmy Jazz James.

The Thrill is Back | Wave Warriors Return

RVCA Advocate Herbie Fletcher gets us ready for winter on the North Shore with a full serving of wipeouts and footage from the early days of performance surfing on Hawaii in this installment of our The Thrill is Back Series.

Ford and Christian

Ford Archbold and Christian Fletcher in the tropics. Film/edit by Matt Tromberg.

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