Alex Knost | Sweater Sculptures

RVCA presented Alex Knost's "Sweater Sculptures" at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood, Australia Saturday March 1st, 2015.

An ongoing body of work "Sweater Sculptures" will contain an eventual 22 time sensitive photographed installations. Photographs are mounted on aluminium, remaining completely archival. These are the first four sculptures to be 'photogenically cauterized'. This body of work congeals elements of 'Exo Allegory'. 'Exo' meaning outer or external and 'Allegory' the metaphor for hidden meaning conveyed through symbolic figures, being actions, imagery or events... In this case the outer that exhibits interim unknown in society or any in pop culture & human nature.

Alex Knowst -

Curation Photos: Matt Rabbidge
Event Photos: Life Without Andy

Josh Harmony | Party Wave

On Friday March 13th RVCA Fairfax hosted "Party Wave" an installation by Josh Harmony and Grant Hatfield featuring music by their band Freckles. If you're in the LA area be sure to stop by and check it out! Photos by Delon.


REMIO | Subconscious Rumours

Remio has recently been in Australia to showcase new works in a show entitled 'Subconscious Rumours'. Drawing a huge crowd to the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne, Remio presented a mix of disciplines to avid fans of his work. Many thanks goes out to our sponsors Corona and Free is Better Water.

Deadbeat Club | Full Release

This last Friday Deadbeat Club Press celebrated the launch of their new releases with Full Release, a one-night photo show in Long Beach, CA. New work was presented from Ed Templeton, Devin Briggs, Grant Hatfield, Dennis McGrath, Nolan Hall, & Tobin Yelland. The exhibition showcased select photos from each of the photographer’s new zines. Photos by Delon.

Mark Alsweiler | Gold Moth

Last Saturday evening RVCA Australia hosted the opening reception to 'Gold Moth' a collection of new works by RVCA ANP Artist Mark Alsweiler which included sculptures and paintings. Melbourne's rainy weather didn't deter locals visiting the gallery to view the collection of works and join is for a beer and taco.

The show will hang at the Corner Gallery (82 Stanley Street, Collingwood) for the next month.
Thank you to Taco Truck Melbourne and our sponsor Carlton Dry.

Mark Alsweiler | Gold Moth

Thursday June 19th, The RVCA Downstairs Gallery held the opening reception to ANP Artist, Mark Alsweiler's solo show 'Gold Moth' showcasing his latest sculptures and paintings. Mark has been the resident artist at the gallery for the past six months and has held the final show for the gallery. Gold Moth will move the RVCA Corner Gallery is Melbourne next month.

Thank you to our sponsor Kirin Cider and About LST Night For the Photos (see full gallery here www.aboutlstnight.com.au)

What Are You Doing After This

On Friday 2nd May RVCA presented "what are you doing after this" at the RVCA Downstairs Gallery in Sydney; a group exhibition featuring a wide array of disciplines including photography, video, sculpture, painting and mixed media. Doors opened at 6pm with hundreds of people circulating the gallery floors to view the works on display. This show was made possible with the support and hard work of the good folk at Supply Store, Defcon Group, the Heavy Mental and Vans. Big thanks to sponsors Kirin Cider, Santa Vittoria and Arras Wines.

Exhibiting artists included: Alex Olson, Tino Razo, Todd Jordon, Meryl Smith, Neckface, Fuck This Life, Jeff Potocar, Chris Shonting, Kevin 'Spanky' Long, Leo Fitzpatrick, Curtis Buchanon, Nina Long, Jerry Hsu, Bill Strobeck, Lele Saveri and Atiba Jefferson. Show hangs until 31st may.

RVCA Downstairs Gallery
84 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, 2021


RVCA is proud to announce its involvement with the ENERGY THAT IS ALL AROUND Art Show. This show presents more than 125 works by five artists who launched their careers in San Francisco’s Mission District in the early 1990s. Featured artists include Barry McGee, Ruby Neri, Maragaret Kilgallen, Chris Johanson and Alicia McCarthy.

RVCA has created limited edition t-shirts to commemorate the show. The 1st tee by Alicia McCarthy will benefit the Labor Day Program in San Francisco (sfdaylabor.org). A portion of the proceeds of the 2nd tee, designed by Chris Johanson, will benefit New Avenues for Youth Organization in Portland, Or (newavanues.org). Both designs will be available online at RVCA.com and at our retail stores located in Los Angeles at 501 N Fairfax Ave and in San Francisco at 1485 Haight St.

Show Information: April 15 – July 12, 2014

Grey Art Gallery, New York University, 100 Washington Square East, New York, NY 10003 Tel: 212/998-6780, Fax: 212/995-4024
E-mail: greyartgallery@nyu.edu
Website: www.nyu.edu/greyart

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11 am–6 pm OPEN LATE Wednesday: 11 am–8 pm Saturday: 11 am–5 pm
Sunday, Monday, and major holidays: Closed

Full Serve | Downstairs Gallery

After the successful opening reception of 'Full Serve' in Melbourne, the show headed North for Sydneysiders to view the works. 'FULL SERVE' includes a series of new works by ANP artist DMOTE in conjunction with contributing Artists Will Lynes and Nathan Pickering. The show officially opened at the RVCA Downstairs Gallery (84 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney) last night and will hang until late April. Thanks again to our sponsors, Kirin Cider, Santa Vittoria, Uber & Accolade Wines. Photos by About LST Night.

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