Ellis Ericson | RVCA Boardroom

RVCA Boardroom presents the Ellis Ericson UKI series. These boards are an appropriation of the progressive single fins being designed during the mid 1970’s and were hand shaped & airbrushed by Ellis exclusively for Visit the RVCA Boardroom for a limited release of Ellis Ericson's UKI series surfboards.

Alex Matus | Inspired By...

Alex Matus, Inspired By... Freedom to Roam.

"They say that once you stop learning you're as good as dead. I tend to believe that it's true. What inspires me to get out of bed everyday, with back a-aching and neck a-breaking, is the knowledge that there is an open road out there... Full of new people, experiences, and points of view that inform what it is to be a human being on this earth and new ways of living life to the fullest. Keep on keepin' on. Cheers." - Alex

Video by Chad Huff.

Boxing Techniques | Slip Rope

In this weeks installment of our VA Sport series with Jason Parillo, we learn the value of the slip rope for developing your basic movements and creating space. No matter what level you are at, fundamentals are always most important.

RVCAloha | Winter Highlight Reel

The RVCA Surf crew taking advantage of a plentiful winter on the North Shore.

A film by Etienne Aurelius. Drone by Matt Criggs. Additional footage by Dune Newhouse.

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