REMIO is a bit of a mystery and he prefers it that way. a prolific graffiti artist originally from Norway, he has found a way to make his mark in almost every country in the world. He is a member of the VTS crew and comes to RVCA on strong commendations from RVCA friends Barry McGee and Os Gemeos. And like many talented artists who learn their craft at street level, REMY has started to make a successful entry into the gallery and museum world.

Video by Brandon Jensen, Song 'Surf Doom' by Sandy Pussy


Slaves of Summer | RVCA

We all know Europe isn’t known for its waves during summer, but it is known to deliver a good time. So we decided on shoving 4 nationalities into a couple of rental vehicles with a bunch of camping gear, too many surfboards and hit the road for a cliché euro trip.

We got lost, went skating, partied too much, met girls, camped on the side of the road, surfed shitty waves and crashed our rental car. But we had fun, even though we couldn’t understand each other.

Robin Falxa (France), Jack Whitefield (UK), Adrian Siebert (Germany), Matteo Fabbri (Italy), Benjamin Jean Jean (France)

Film & edit – Chris Nemes, Super 8 Footage – Jack Whitefield, Music – Seul by Les Marinellis courtesy of Burger records

Remy Taveira | RVCA

Remy Taveira hails from the suburbs of Paris, France but nowadays can be rarely found there as he is constantly hitting the road. Currently 22 years old, our young man got himself a Canon AE-1 and shoots lot's of photos now. A tendency for the analog black and white comfort us of his appreciation of the past just like when we watch him skate. He can do anything old or new but always with style and speed. It is just great when you do not know what somebody is about to do next, right? Filmed and edited by Ludovic Azemar, Song "I'm a Body" by Nu Sensae. Get to know Remy Taveira's new RVCA Europe Advocate page here.


#BABESinMTK features a group of Advocates & ANP Artists who were brought to the East Coast for a seven day stint in Montauk. The assembly of RVCA Women's Advocates who were flown in from California, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver, Canada included photographer Ashley Barker, model Mahina Alexander, artist Michelle Blade, artist Kylea Borges, model Ashley Smith, and artist Nina Long. Film by Chad Huff. Song "Strong Love" by Gap Dream courtesy of Burger Records.

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