Grant Noble | Agua y Sol.

Agua y Sol. A RVCA production about a surf trip to Mexico with Grant Noble. Video by Robots From

RVCAloha 2018 | Sport

RVCA founder PM Tenore and the RVCA tribe during our RVCA Sport 2018 RVCAloha trip in Oahu, Hawaii. Thank you to everyone who joined in on the events and to all who made this possible, solid people, special place.

RVCAloha 2018 | Surf

The RVCA surf team gather on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii every year for what we call RVCAloha. Featuring Alex Knost, Ford Archbold, Jay Davies, Colin Moran, Shane Borland, Noah Beschen, Davey Cathels, Ricardo Christie, Zoe McDougall, Nathan Strom, Danny Fuller, Landon McNamara, Tyler Newton, Makua Rothman & more!


有名無名に関係なく様々なアートやサブカルチャーの発信スペースとなっているRVCA SHIBUYA GALLERY。無料でそれらを楽しめるスペースには2018年も多くのイベントが開催されました。2019年のスタートを飾るイベントはアート/テキスタイル/イラストレーションなどの制作活動から、アートディレクションまで、国内外問わず幅広く活動する日本人アーティスト「Hana4」によるアート展”NEW me”。


- Artist statement -

NEW me by Hana4
Date & Time : 2019年1月23日(水) - 2019年2月17日(日)11:00 – 20:00
※2/1(金)は16:00 CLOSEとなります
Location :RVCA SHIBUYA GALLERY (東京都渋谷区神宮前5-27-5 TOLDAビル2F)


Artist/Art director/Nail counselor


[Instagram] @hana4 / @hana4art
[Twitter] @hana4

Culture Day | RVCAloha 2018

On December 7th, 2018 the Fukumitsu family opened their home to the RVCA tribe for a day of Hawaiian culture and festivities. We're incredibly thankful for participating in this sacred experience and we're grateful for the memories we will have for a lifetime. Special thanks to the Fukumitsus, Moniz family, Rico Jimenez , and PM Tenore for their incredible hard work and love. Mahalo.

RVCAloha 2018 | Skate

RVCA Advocates Zach Allen, Kader Sylla, Malakai Montes, Greyson Fletcher, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Curren Caples, Christian Hosoi & Andrew Reynolds spend a week on the North Shore of Oahu for our annual RVCAloha takeover. More RVCAloha 2018 here.

Matty's Patty's | RVCAloha 2018

This year at RVCALOHA marked the first ever "Matty's Patty's" event at Banzai Skatepark on the North Shore of Oahu. Chef Matty Matheson hosted this inaugural event with RVCA founder, PM Tenore. Despite the rain, Chef Matty dialed in 300 burger patties to create 150 double cheeseburgers complete with local Oahu wild boar bacon, American cheese, and what Matty considers one of the greatest condiments ever, (Mustard, Ketchup, Onions, Mayonnaise, and Pickles). It was easily one of the greatest burgers of all time.

What dish should chef Matty Matheson cook next with RVCA?

RVCAloha Explained by Advocates

RVCAloha はあまりにも多くのことを意味するため1つのものとして定義するのは困難です。この Video では RVCA Advocates & Artists たちが RVCAloha で体験したことや、彼らにとってそれらが何を意味するか語ります。

Excel Visual Archive | RVCA Japan Shibuya

Last Friday RVCA hosted an opening event for Excel Archive Show at Shibuya Gallery. The event celebrated their first ever Japan tour. All arts and photo archives from the band. Such names like RxCx Ric Clayton, Alexis Ross, Michael Seiff, KSN Crew(Shaun Ross) and many others exhibited. Shaun Ross from band was big help for making it happen, thank you. A surprise guest Pushead was displayed and made a night even more special and memorable. This exhibition will run till January 6th at RVCA Shibuya Gallery and there will be limited L/S tees available in store.

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