Culture Day | RVCAloha 2018

On December 7th, 2018 the Fukumitsu family opened their home to the RVCA tribe for a day of Hawaiian culture and festivities. We're incredibly thankful for participating in this sacred experience and we're grateful for the memories we will have for a lifetime. Special thanks to the Fukumitsus, Moniz family, Rico Jimenez , and PM Tenore for their incredible hard work and love. Mahalo.

RVCAloha 2018 | Skate

RVCA Advocates Zach Allen, Kader Sylla, Malakai Montes, Greyson Fletcher, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Curren Caples, Christian Hosoi & Andrew Reynolds spend a week on the North Shore of Oahu for our annual RVCAloha takeover. More RVCAloha 2018 here.

Matty's Patty's | RVCAloha 2018

This year at RVCALOHA marked the first ever "Matty's Patty's" event at Banzai Skatepark on the North Shore of Oahu. Chef Matty Matheson hosted this inaugural event with RVCA founder, PM Tenore. Despite the rain, Chef Matty dialed in 300 burger patties to create 150 double cheeseburgers complete with local Oahu wild boar bacon, American cheese, and what Matty considers one of the greatest condiments ever, (Mustard, Ketchup, Onions, Mayonnaise, and Pickles). It was easily one of the greatest burgers of all time.

What dish should chef Matty Matheson cook next with RVCA?

RVCAloha Explained by Advocates

RVCAloha はあまりにも多くのことを意味するため1つのものとして定義するのは困難です。この Video では RVCA Advocates & Artists たちが RVCAloha で体験したことや、彼らにとってそれらが何を意味するか語ります。

Excel Visual Archive | RVCA Japan Shibuya

Last Friday RVCA hosted an opening event for Excel Archive Show at Shibuya Gallery. The event celebrated their first ever Japan tour. All arts and photo archives from the band. Such names like RxCx Ric Clayton, Alexis Ross, Michael Seiff, KSN Crew(Shaun Ross) and many others exhibited. Shaun Ross from band was big help for making it happen, thank you. A surprise guest Pushead was displayed and made a night even more special and memorable. This exhibition will run till January 6th at RVCA Shibuya Gallery and there will be limited L/S tees available in store.

Azorean Loop | RVCA Europe

A ten day trip exploring three of the Azorean Islands (San Miguel, Pico, and Terceira). A loop through the local culture and landscape in search of untouched skate spots and visits to local craftsman in order to learn from their environment and their centenarian way of working. Can we add a contemporary vision to their traditional process? Living in the age of over-information, the work of many skaters and videographers pass us by with a quick scroll of the thumb. However, a small percentage of these creatives are joining forces and ideas to distance themselves from this, attempting to create something more physical. Why travel with only a “skate trip" mentality?

Remote destinations are a chance to learn something new, a great opportunity for us skateboarders and new cultures to cross paths.

A selection of photographs by Jack Whitefield.

“The last few years I pretty much been photographing landscapes. No with a narrative or anything but just straight documentation of what I see in front of me.

I´m pretty interested on how landscapes degrades and nature regains control.”

A photographic story about the local craftsman visits and

some inspirational images by Octavio Barrera.

“Back in 2014, I took a forty-day trip through the Canarian archipelago, visiting and discovering various artisans and their way of working. I became curious as a designer in how these people work with almost no access to external references, yet their craft still continues to evolve. These artists all have something in common. Love for what they do and are tired of not being valued.”

“By observing them at work in their accustomed surroundings you discover that so many are spinning a constant loop. Without inspiration from different perspectives. Is this the last call to a new generation?.”

Action Photography

by Dani Millán

Black and white Photography

by Jack Whitefield

Crafts Story

by Octavio Barrera

Limited edition, 50 copies

Printed and edited in Barcelona.

October 2018©.


December 14th marked the opening reception of "EXCEL Visual Archive". The show will continue to run until January 6th, at RVCA Shibuya, Tokyo.

12月14日(金)に RVCA SHIBUYA にて開催された "EXCEL Visual Archive" のオープニングレセプションには多くのお客様が詰め掛けました。貴重すぎるアーカイブとショーン・ロスを前に興奮を隠せない大人たち。会場はもちろん大盛り上がり。本格的な冬の到来を感じさせる風もなんのその、この夜を彩るために振る舞われた(しかも外で)すっきりとした飲み口の「BINTANG BEER」とサクサクふわふわの「ROCKET CHICKEN」 のコンビネーションの絶妙さに無限ループに引き込まれる人続出。

たくさんのアーカイブはもちろんのこと、トリビュートアーティスト4名による作品や、手に入れることが難しいZine、このイベントの為に作られたEXCEL x RVCA のLong Sleeve T-Shirtなど作品の他にも要チェックなものがいくつも用意されているので、EXCELのファンはもちろん彼らを知らない人たちでも楽しむことができる。本イベントは1月6日(日)まで開催予定。お見逃しなく。

EXCEL Visual Archive Supported by RVCA
Date & Time : 2018年12月14日(金) - 2019年1月6日(日)11:00 – 20:00
Location :RVCA SHIBUYA GALLERY (東京都渋谷区神宮前5-27-5 TOLDAビル2F)

Neutral Collection | Holiday 18

In a time when lines are more blurred than ever, we are inspired to explore the idea of the undefined. Clothing is used as a form of self-expression, with this collection we intend to bridge the gap and provide a Neutral platform for people to do just that. We have taken a minimalistic approach, with comfort and wearability at the forefront. Using soft hand fabrics, heavy laundering and indigo dyes to create worn in timeless pieces. With subtle hints of workwear and utilitarian styling, each piece is designed for versatility, to look good and wear well on anyone and allow the wearer to style their own way.

Advocate Portraits | Stefan Kocev

Longtime friend of RVCA, Stefan Kocev is not only a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, he's also a master lensman. Check out his portraits of RVCA Advocates from 2018 RVCAloha

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