Damage Frito | Alex & Ellis

For Californian surfers, Mexico is always a blip on the radar, providing an easy escape from many the overcrowded lineup. In “Damage Frito”, RVCA Advocates Alex Knost & Ellis Ericson pack up the van and head south of the border to find a mixed bag of right pointbreaks, some playful, many exciting. From gliding across slow, Malibu-esque walls to threading through fast, hollow sections, the unique lines drawn by both surfers is very pleasing to the eyes. As they trade waves and swap boards, our only thought is that we wish we were there. Photos by Delon Bone, video by Jimmy Jazz James, song by White Fence.

Smith Street Tattoo | Collection BBQ

10月18日(木)より、世界的に有名なタトゥーパーラー「Smith Street Tattoo Parlor」(スミスストリートタトゥーパーラー)との初のコレクションを発売します。

RVCA ANPアーティストであるBert Krak(バート・クラック)によって2008年に設立されたSmith Street Tattoo Parlorはニューヨーク州ブルックリンのキャロルガーデンズに位置します。Smith Street Tattoo Parlorのクルーは伝説と呼ばれるほど有名な、伝統的なアメリカン・タトゥーアーティスト、Bert Krak、Steve Boltz(スティーブ・ボルツ)、Eli Quinters(エリ・クワプター)、Frank William(フランク・ウィリアム)、Chris Howell(クリス・ハウウェル)から構成されています。Smith Street Tattoo Parlorは、世界最高峰のタトゥーパーラーの一つとみなされています。数ヶ月前から予約が入り、彼らの本物のブルックリン・インクを求め世界中からファンが訪れています。

Smith Street Tattoo Parlorとの関係は、Bert KrakとRVCAの創設者であるPM Tenore(PM・テノール)との友好関係から始まりました。バートは2013年にArtist Network Programのメンバーになり、以来、ファミリーとみなされてきました。


Special thanks to Bert, Smith Street Artists and friends, and Traeger Grills for their support in this celebration. Photos by Andrea DoSouto.

Shop the Smith Street Tattoo Collection here.

Overthrow Boxing Club | RVCA Sport

August 23 marked the first day of #RVCANY -- our RVCASport Advocates kicked off our New York event series at the legendary boxing club, Overthrow. RVCA Advocates BJ Penn and Jason Parillo led a boxing workout with Overthrow's co-founder, Alicia Napolean. Many Advocates representing the balance of opposites, participated in the intense workout: Surfer & water safety expert, Kai "Kaiborg" Garcia , photographer Andrea Dosouto , street artist/graffiti legend DMOTE , and RVCA founder, PM Tenore . Special thanks to the crew at Overthrow for their hospitality and hosting our RVCA family.

Next time you're in New York, be sure to stop by Overthrow -- jump in one of their intense training session and experience the gym's raw authenticity.

Photography by Delon Isaacs

Ed Templeton | KCDC Photo Show RVCA NYC

Continuing our love affair with KCDC Skateshop, we hosted a photography show with Ed Templeton for the first night of #RVCANYC . The turnout was amazing - many fans & loyal pawns from all over New York came out to meet the benevolent overlord of Toy Machine and consume his photography prints. We're honoured to host this photo show with Ed, he's a long-standing member of the RVCA Artist Network Program. Special thanks to Amy Gunther and the crew at KCDC Skateshop for hosting this event.

Our next event with KCDC will be Saturday, August 25 at the Brooklyn Pump Track Skatepark - we're hosting a skate jam and BBQ with RVCA Skate Advocates (Andrew Reynolds, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Curren Caples, Kader Sylla, Zach Allen, and Nestor Judkins.

Photography by John Bradford

RVCA NYC Caravan | August 21-27

RVCA Caravan は現地時間8月21日から27日までの間、New York City に向かい RVCA Advocate であり長きに渡る友でもある Aaron Rose が率いる “NOW & THEN: A DECADE OF BEAUTIFUL LOSERS” エキシビションを中心に数々のイベントを開催します。 同じくして、RVCA Caravan は KCDC, Pilgrim, The Dogpound Gym, Overthrow Boxing をはじめとする会場にてブランドを支える様々な柱を祝うべくイベントを開催します。また Smith Street Tattoo Parlor とのスペシャルコレクションの発売と、ミュージシャンである RVCA Advocate の Lily Meola がヘッドラインを務める Womens’s brunch も行われます。過去に RVCA Caravan は Australia, Puerto Rico そして毎年 RVCALOHA キャンペーンの一環としてハワイを訪れます。 この一週間の RVCA Advocate たちやそのシーンの裏側は RVCA Instagram と RVCA.COM よりご覧下さい。 #RVCABEAUTIFULLOSERS, #RVCACARAVAN, #RVCANYC.

Now & Then | RVCA Beautiful Losers Exhibition

来たる2018年8月24日、“NOW & THEN: A DECADE OF BEAUTIFUL LOSERS,” と題したとても貴重なエキシビションを The Hole Gallery にて開催することお知らせします。

本エキシビションは2008年8月8日に New York の IFC center にてUS初のプレミアが行われたドキュメンタリー映画 ‘Beautiful Losers’ の10周年を賞賛し開催されます。Aaron Rose と Joshua Leonard により監督された ‘Beautiful Losers’ は1990年代初めに Manhattan の Alleged Gallery に所属していたアーティストのコミュニティの特徴的な精神を記録しました。 ‘Beautiful Losers’ は Alleged Gallery 時代の Barry McGee, Ed Templeton, Mike Mills, Thomas Campbell, Jo Jackson, Shepard Fairey, Chris Johanson, そして Margaret Kilgallen を描写します。

現在これらのアーティストが所属するコミュニティは、RVCA Artist Network Program という形で存在しています。このプログラムはストリート、ユース、スケートカルチャーの中で見つかる(既定概念にとらわれない)規定の概念にとらわれない独創的な精神を具現化し、伝統的な芸術の世界を覆す芸術的才能をプロモート、サポートするRVCAの継続的な取り組みを網羅しています。

DIY / “outsider” アートとその文化的最前線への加速は “NOW & THEN: A DECADE OF BEAUTIFUL LOSERS,” で再訪されます。会場には Aaron Rose, Andre Razo, Ari Marcopoulos, Barry McGee, Cheryl Dunn, Chris Johanson, David Aron, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton, Geoff McFetridge, Ivory Serra, Jo Jackson, Margaret Kilgallen, Mark Gonzales, Mike Mills, Rita Ackermann, Shepard Fairey, Stephen Powers, Susan Cianciolo, Thomas Campbell, Tobin Yelland, Tom Sachs などのアートやRVCAコラボレーション・アイテムなどが並びます。

RVCAが誇りを持って贈る “NOW & THEN: A DECADE OF BEAUTIFUL LOSERS” は現地時間2018年8月24日(金)から9月1日(土)までの間 The Hole Gallery (312 Bowery, New York, New York, 10012)にてご覧頂けます。


Costa Mesa's favourite band released a new music video, NOT THE SAME" from their new album "This Time I got it Figured Out" Out now on Burger Records

Video: Sean Campos

Edited: Sean Campos

Color Correction: Sean Campos

FIRST AD: Sean Campos (jr.) Written By: Colin Mckibbin (under the strict supervision of Sean Campos)

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Fahrenheit Inn

Last winter in France was a bit of a blur.

A rather wet blur in fact, resulting in a never-ending surge of rain that kept everybody at home, twiddling their thumbs while getting fat on cheese.

It’s in these moments that our expatriate island boys’ nerves are put to the test, and Erwin’s and I’s didn’t last long. Our eyes were glued on the maps, and soon enough we were headed towards a country far south, which we won’t reveal the name of—but that will no doubt look familiar to those who can read the signs.

Upon arrival, a piece of paper with instructions was given to us.

We were told to take the west road. The one leading to that infamous town that was once a gold mine, far behind the mountains.

« Continue straight upon crossing the 14th bridge—the blue one—and don’t stop until you spot the hill of the eternal rainbow » it read.

That was the indication that we would be near our destination: A hotel where the grass was bright green and the oceans folds were warm and hollow.

We had to show up at noon in order to meet the owner of the place. « She will be sunbathing in a pink umbrella » our guide told us.

That’s when we knew we were at the end of the road:

Fahrenheit Inn.


Filmed/Edited by: Yentl Touboul

Water Cinematography: Kylian Castells

Additional Footage: Hypolite Champion


Jai Walsh - "Mariachi Aquachi"

Equinoxious - "Astros Prometidos"

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