Republik | RVCALOHA 18

This year's RVCALOHA had a new element added this year by kicking off several events in town (Honolulu). To cap off our stay in town RVCA hosted an Advocate live show at the music venue, Republik in Waikiki. Big wave surfer Makua Rothman performed with his band, including a surprise performance for local hula dancers. The incredibly talented, Lily Meola performed a heart-stopping show thanks to your powerful vocals. Our headlining performer is our newly added Advocate, Landon McNamara. A huge favorite among the locals of Hawaii, Landon and his band shut it down that evening with an amazing show.

Special thanks to everyone who helped put this event together. See you next year Republik!

Photos by Delon

Landon Mcnamara

Lily Meola

Makua Rothman

Opening band - Lohe

Makua and the Rothman family

ANP artist Bert Krak and RVCA team

Surf Advocates Sage Erickson & Zoe McDougall

Skate Advocates Christian Hosoi & Greyson Fletcher

Skate Advocates John Bradford, Zach Allen, and Brandon Jensen

Surf Advocate Tyler Newts

Makua Rothman and Hula Dancers

ANP Artist Ewok & DJ Bobby

Skate Advocate Kevin "Spanky" Long

Advocates Danny Fuller & Jason Parillo

Advocates Colin Moran & Blaine Suque

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