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A few weeks ago, RVCA was proud to support Babes Ride Out, a ladies only motorcycle campout in Joshua Tree National Park, CA. RVCA Advocate Andrea Dosouto was our 'babe on the ground' documenting this amazing gathering of individuals (females only, of course) in the California desert.

Words by Andrea Dosouto and Tiffany Hovey on the weekend at Babes Ride Out:

"The roaring of engines shook Joshua Tree a few weekends ago as over 1200 rode into town from all over the world for the third annual Babes Ride Out. The energy from all of these beautiful women coming together over one common interest was overwhelming. Every person was out to empower and enjoy the company in the solidarity of an all women’s camp for just a couple short-lived days. On Saturday morning, maps were given out with multiple paths to ride throughout the day. Women went out on adventures alone, in groups, or even took paths of their own through the gorgeous desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Forrest. As the sun set, a number of “B.R.O.” tattoos commemorated the weekend forever. Astronomy shows with professional-grade telescopes had eyes to the sky, leaving a humbling feeling of how important it is to recognize we just are a speck in the universe. Later in the evening, an unfathomable amount of free beer was given out and the final celebrations commenced beginning with a raffle that included many one of a kind pieces, including five hand-painted RVCA denim jackets. As the night went on, few took refuge to tell stories of their day over the fire pit, while others swarmed into the Mad Max themed venue to await the bands. LA Witch started out with some heavy riffs and left the crowd wanting more. Dorothy headlined soon after. Of all four members in the female lead rock band, the three men seemed to be really enjoying themselves in a sea of babes. Before the encore from Dorothy, shirts began to come off as the comfort of unity and empowerment from each other grew. Even after the music ended, the party went late into the night. Before the heat could push out the crisp cold of the desert morning, a majority of the campers had already set out for home. By early afternoon, the roaring was no where to be found and the dust had already settled. Until next year the camp is just stories shared, but the new friendships made are growing more and more each ride." See you next year babes!

Babes Ride Out | RVCA Womens

Video by Dirty Girls Project. Music: Feel Alright by L.A. Witch.

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