Boxing Techniques with Jason Parillo

We are very excited to introduce our new VA Sport video series with RVCA Advocate Jason Parillo. Quickly rising through the ranks as one of, if not the best striking coach in MMA, Jason Parillo is the man behind lightning quick hands and powerful striking that have become a signature weapon for many of todays top MMA fighters. In this new series, Parillo offers some valuable tips and techniques for all levels of boxing.

Videos by Change for Balance.

Boxing Techniques | Speed Bag

In the final installment of our series with Jason Parillo, we learn about one of the oldest exercises in boxing: the speed bag. Parillo emphasizes the importance of going back to basics regardless of what level you are at.

Boxing Techniques | Double End Bag

RVCA Advocate Jason Parillo emphasizes using the double end bag for practicing timing and reach in all levels of boxing in this week's #VAsport video. Video by Change for Balance.

Boxing Techniques | Angles

Coach Jason Parillo walks us through the value of angles in boxing for this weeks VA Sport installation by Change for Balance.

Boxing Techniques | Coach and a Fighter

In this week's VA Sport Boxing Techniques video, Parillo shares the mindset and determination that is necessary for training at the highest level.

Boxing Techniques | The Jab

"It's the most important punch in the game." -- Parillo on the Jab in this week's Boxing Techniques with Jason Parillo.

Boxing Techniques | Slip Rope

This weeks VA Sport installment from Change for Balance and Jason Parillo gives us tips for developing our basic movements with the slip rope in order to create space.

Boxing Techniques | Heavy Bag

In the fourth installment of our VA Sport series, coach Parillo gives us some focus points of what to work on when using the heavy bag.

Boxing Techniques | Mindset

In this episode, Parillo defines the mindset of a fighter and what separates champions from competitors.

Boxing Techniques | Slip Bag

In the second installment of our VA Sport series "Boxing Techniques with Jason Parillo", Parillo speaks to the value of the Slip Bag for developing your basic movements including footwork, head movement, and punching. Video by Change for Balance.

Boxing Techniques | Shadow Boxing

To start off our VA Sport series "Boxing Techniques with Jason Parillo", RVCA Advocate and world renowned MMA and Boxing coach Jason Parillo touches on Shadow Boxing and the importance of developing the basic fundamentals. Video by Change for Balance.

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