Welcome to the family | Bruce Irons

RVCA is proud to welcome Bruce Irons to the family. RVCA Founder PM Tenore on Bruce, “We are excited to welcome Bruce into the RVCA tribe. Its only once in a lifetime that a talent like Bruce comes along. RVCA’s free flowing platform will allow him to be himself. Let Bruce be Bruce and watch the magic happen.”

Bruce on RVCA: "I have been a fan of the RVCA brand since day one and I am especially excited to work with PM Tenore. RVCA is a brand and a family that I want to spend the rest of my career with.”

Along with the entire surfing community, RVCA is excited to see him get a wildcard for the 2015 Billabong Pipe Masters, which is held in honor of his brother, the late Andy Irons. Bruce is the 2001 Pipe Masters Champion.

All photos by RVCA Advocate Zak Noyle.

Bruce Irons. Pipeline, 2015 captured by Zak Noyle.

Bruce with RVCA Founder PM Tenore.

Welcome to the RVCA Tribe Bruce!

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