Eddie Aikau Invitational with Makua Rothman

In the above video, RVCA advocate Keegan Gibbs follows Makua Rothman to the 2012 Eddie Aikau invitational ceremony in a personal take at the legendary ceremony, one that Makua has been invited to since he was 18, ten years in a row.

Both VA advocates Makua Rothman and Danny Fuller were honored today at the 2012 Eddie Aikau Invitational Opening Ceremony at Waimea Bay. Danny Fuller, who has been an alternate in the past, was picked by the Aikau Family as the Aikau Family pick for the first Alternate. In the hopes that the Eddie runs this year, Makua and Danny will definitely be there to face off with the bay.

Video by Keegan Gibbs, Photos by Keegan Gibbs and Tom Hawkins.Read more for photos of the ceremony.

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