Excel | RVCA Los Angeles

On Sat March 30th the RVCA Los Angeles store on Fairfax had a friendly surprise for fans; for the first time in 15 years, 80’s Los Angeles based Punk/Metal band Excel took the stage. The store windows were covered with an artwork collaboration between Ric Clayton x Excel x RVCA, RVCA Advocate Keegan Gibbs shot photos all night and Brandon Jensen filmed the event. The whole RVCA Fairfax staff was responsible for keeping the peace and was successful in throwing an amazing event. Store manager, Sam made it possible to team up with Pabst beer for refreshments. All ina all it was a good night to be in LA and Excel killed it. Thanks to the die hard Excel fans for not burning down the building!

Excel RVCA Los Angeles Flyer with artwork by Ric Clayton

video by Brandon Jensen

photos by Keegan Gibbs

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