Hurricane Marie | Zak Noyle

RVCA Advocate Zak Noyle jumps on a quick flight to Southern California to capture the anticipated Hurricane Marie swell. Here's some of Zak's photos of Newport Beach and the surrounding area.

Sunset shot at the wedge, the night before the big day.

Big Wednesday, before dawn the lifeguards make there way to the beach. They'll have their work cut out today.

Big Wednesday meant Big Crowds, RVCA tent holding it down.

Tyler Gunter & Ezra prepare for what Tyler says were the best waves he's ever gotten this close to home.

Tyler on a Bomb at Newport Point

Pipe like Newport

By days end the media had blown up the swell so much it was near impossible to get anywhere close to the Wedge.

Time to retreat, get a good nights sleep and prepare for another day.

Thursday Morning, Newport Jetties

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