We checked the surf in north county on the way down. It was howling wind. No surfing. We also stopped by a secret garage skate bowl on the way down and did a couple laps.

Here is what some of the paintings are based off of, the molecular structure of atoms in the theme of hallucinogenic drugs and the effect they have on your body's natural serotonin. The bursts of colors/waves starts at the molecule.

Here, Kelsey Brookes with Tom Delonge and his wife Jen who bought the LSD piece. San Diego locals.

A funny story about the pieces fluorescence under black light: Kelsey, right before hanging the show, went to the gallery to assess the task at hand. As they were taking down the show before, they had these black light flashlights that were part of the previous show. Kelsey grabbed one of the lights and just happened to shine it on one of his pieces by chance, and voila, a pleasant last minute surprise was added.

San Diego's possibly best kept secret, the band "Rafter" played in the back alley. Really really good music entertaining and its sometimes abstract, fun, music fit the show perfectly.

Then there was the after party. Rafter played the second set, and everyone got creepy in the epic downstairs "Party Wave" room eating taco truck taco's.

Oh, yeah, did we mention that Kelsey sold the show out before the doors even opened? Good things happen to good people.

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