Kevin Ancell | Nos Vemos En Venecia

Join us for the closing night of ANP Artist Kevin Ancell's 'Nos Vemos En Venecia', an exhibition curated by PM Tenore, Saturday October 24th from sundown to 10pm.

1320 Main Street
Venice, California

"The idea for Ancell's exhibition was easy. Over the last 15 years with RVCA and the Artist Network Program I have been privileged to curate and be surrounded with so many amazing and talented artists. Ranging from museum shows to pop ups in New York, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong. I realized that my dear friend, who I was around more often than not had never had a proper solo show. In that moment we both looked at each other and decided that needed to change... We were going to create a show for him in Venice. It was time for Kevin to come full circle and share his art in the place that began to inform his work. His artistic ability is just the tip of the iceberg, Kev is a true renaissance man." -- PM Tenore


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