Mahina Alexander | Inspired By...

Mahina Alexander, Photographed on the North Shore of Oahu by Andrea Dosouto. Mahina on what inspires her:

"From day one RVCA has felt like family to me. To me the RVCA brand and my personality feel one in the same. I want to explore, travel, and live… comfortably. The RVCA brand is just that. It’s for the explorers, the adventurers and the lovers of life. My life revolves around family and friends they are the ones who inspire me. My siblings, cousins, god son, etc.. inspire me the most because they remind me that we are all just kids at heart and that life is fun if you let go of your pride and your ego, you’re left with passion and FUN. None of us greater than the other.

I love reading and writing. I love to learn. Another one of my biggest inspirations is Bob Marley. He said “don’t gain the world and lose your soul.. wisdom is better than silver or gold” I don’t think anyone could have said that better. Last winter when we all came together on the north shore for winter, I felt like a kid. The place I had grown up in was new again because I was looking at it through the eyes of people who had never seen it before. Showing them around my home and diving with sharks gave me some amazing memories. I will never forget the feeling of selflessness I felt being beneath the ocean miles off shore with people I barely knew and a few sharks swimming below us to remind us that we are one in the same. It’s the recurring times like these with RVCA that inspire me, give me purpose, and make me feel so lucky to be apart of the RVCA family."

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