RVCA Presents 'Advance'

RVCA presents ADVANCE, a contemporary art show by the Artist Network Program, from September 7 to 28 at Darwin Ecosystem in Bordeaux, France.

Featuring the works of Ed Templeton, Ben Horton, Benjamin Jeanjean, Jerome Romain, Kevin Spanky Long and Andrea DoSouto, we are proud to welcome fans and art lovers at one of France’s most renowned creative venues where artists have been setting new heights of creativity since 2005 and the closing of the historic military headquarters of Caserne Niel.

With a mix of photography, sculpture and paintings setup in an industrial-like raw location inside the inspiring Darwin ecosystem, ADVANCE is expecting thousands of crowds to come and discover the creativity of ANP artists, leveraging the Ocean Climax Music & Art festival to run Sep. 8 to 11; a great platform elevating skate, art, music & culture.

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