What Are You Doing After This

RVCA presents "What Are You Doing After This" A group exhibition featuring some very special artists currently living and working in New York and Los Angeles, working across a wide range of disciplines including photography, video, sculpture, painting and mixed media.

The only theme of the entire project is the tight knit friendship among them and the work they produce.

Although the crew has been friends for many years this is the first time they have all exhibited together. Some of the artists names may be familiar, others you won't have heard of but all are of equal importance in terms of the friendship's they all share and the world that they have created.

Artist: Alex Olson, Tino Razo, Todd Jordon, Meryl Smith, Neckface, Fuck This Life, Jeff Potocar, Chris Shonting, Kevin 'Spanky' Long, Leo Fitzpatrick, Curtis Buchanon, Nina Long, Jerry Hsu, Bill Strobeck, Lele Saveri, Atiba Jefferson

Opening reception: Friday 2nd May, 6pm - 10pm
Address: 84 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, 2021

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