Zak Noyle | Aquatography Workshop

Professional photographer and RVCA Advocate Zak Noyle wants to give back to the community and share his passion for shooting the ocean with the inaugural Aquatography Workshops, which will be held in California at Newport Beach at the Junior Pro on September 23, 2017. There will be 28 open spots for the workshop and sign ups will be open first come first serve at 10am Saturday, September 16th on this page.

This will be a morning session with where participants will be able to use Canon DSLRs and SPL Waterhousings and receive guidance from both photographers, Zak Noyle and Ric Noyle, as well as Jon Lorentz from Canon and Sean LaBrie from SPL Waterhousing.

Unlike many of his professional peers, Zak Noyle, didn’t fall into a career as a surf photographer. In fact, he embraced the aquatic art form from a young age. This is clearly visible in the unique images and angles Zak consistently captures as one of the more accomplished surf photographers of this time.

“A great surf photo needs interesting light; I feel it doesn’t need to be front lit. In the old days with film you needed [the shot] to be front lit or it was blown,” says Zak, who prefers to shoot from the water versus the beach. “It’s interesting light: colorful, dim, speed blur or anything like that and a different angle. Some guys just shoot [surfing] for the power aspect of it […] but you can make [the shot] a beauty thing.”

The beauties of his images prompt many other photographers to reach out to Zak about equipment, composition and how to photograph the ocean. Aquatography is on it’s third year in Hawaii and second for California.

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