RVCAloha Explained by Advocates

RVCAloha はあまりにも多くのことを意味するため1つのものとして定義するのは困難です。この Video では RVCA Advocates & Artists たちが RVCAloha で体験したことや、彼らにとってそれらが何を意味するか語ります。

Overture | Noah & Makana

An obscure introduction to 2 Hawaiian groms (Noah Beschen & Makana Pang) who are used to battling for waves on The North Shore, freely exchanging fun waves in The South Pacific without a soul in sight.

Surfers: Noa Beschen & Makana Pang

Shot / Edited: James Kates, Photos: Ryan Jones

Sounds: James’ Iphone Samples + Original Score by Luke Spook.

Special Thanks to Manoa Tours.


It's that time of year – RVCALOHA takeover のため、RVCA tribe は HAWAII に向かっています。友人たちや家族と共に過ごす一週間をとても楽しみにしています。現地(ノースショア & ワイキキ)で開催されるアクティビティやイベントは下記(READ MORE)よりご確認いただけます。

Balance of Opposites(相反するものが共存するさま)が最大限に発揮される、RVCAライフスタイルを私たちと一緒にお楽しみください。皆様にお会いできることを心待ちにしています – thank you." - PM Tenore

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Damage Frito | Alex & Ellis

For Californian surfers, Mexico is always a blip on the radar, providing an easy escape from many the overcrowded lineup. In “Damage Frito”, RVCA Advocates Alex Knost & Ellis Ericson pack up the van and head south of the border to find a mixed bag of right pointbreaks, some playful, many exciting. From gliding across slow, Malibu-esque walls to threading through fast, hollow sections, the unique lines drawn by both surfers is very pleasing to the eyes. As they trade waves and swap boards, our only thought is that we wish we were there. Photos by Delon Bone, video by Jimmy Jazz James, song by White Fence.

RVCA NYC Caravan | August 21-27

RVCA Caravan は現地時間8月21日から27日までの間、New York City に向かい RVCA Advocate であり長きに渡る友でもある Aaron Rose が率いる “NOW & THEN: A DECADE OF BEAUTIFUL LOSERS” エキシビションを中心に数々のイベントを開催します。 同じくして、RVCA Caravan は KCDC, Pilgrim, The Dogpound Gym, Overthrow Boxing をはじめとする会場にてブランドを支える様々な柱を祝うべくイベントを開催します。また Smith Street Tattoo Parlor とのスペシャルコレクションの発売と、ミュージシャンである RVCA Advocate の Lily Meola がヘッドラインを務める Womens’s brunch も行われます。過去に RVCA Caravan は Australia, Puerto Rico そして毎年 RVCALOHA キャンペーンの一環としてハワイを訪れます。 この一週間の RVCA Advocate たちやそのシーンの裏側は RVCA Instagram と RVCA.COM よりご覧下さい。 #RVCABEAUTIFULLOSERS, #RVCACARAVAN, #RVCANYC.

RVCA Morocco

From Tangier to Casablanca, Morocco has long had an alluring aspect to it. Summoning writers, artists and musicians to explore it’s unique yet diverse culture. The RVCA skate team found themselves drawn there in exploration of untapped spots and rarely skated cities. Starting in Tangier and making their way down the coast to Safi, the days were spent skating, eating tagine, couscous and drinking sweet green tea with mint leaves. With camels on the beach, ancient castles and mosques and contrasting modern architecture, Morocco proved itself the perfect backdrop for an array of great skate spots, good times with friends and adventures they’ll never forget.

Featuring RVCA Advocates Andrew Reynolds, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Jeremy Leabres, Curren Caples & Aidan Campell. Photos by John Bradford.

RVCAloha | 2017

Winter is here & for us that means it’s time to head to the North Shore for a family tradition we call RVCAloha. Follow us on social for a week of surfing, skateboarding, training & creating art in celebration of the Balance of Opposites. Photos by Marcus Paladino, Andrea DoSouto, Zak Noyle, Brandon Jensen, Delon Isaacs, Stefan Kocev & John Bradford.

Greyson Fletcher in Bali

Greyson Fletcher recently spent a month down in Indonesia with Gabriel Summers and RVCA Filmer Brandon Jensen tearing up anything in his path and making some memories along the way. Press play and enjoy the fruits of their travels in Bali!

Smash Through the Basque | Thrasher Magazine

A few months back, a handful of the RVCA Skate crew caravanned through France and Spain with the guys at Thrasher Magazine and came back with a few clips and some great memories. 'Smash Through the Basque' includes ripping from Greyson Fletcher, Jeremy Leabres, Julian Davidson, Aidan Campbell, Remy Taviera, Barney Page, Octavio Barrera, and Charles Collet.

Video by Dan Stolling and Brandon Jensen. Photos by David Broach and Brandon Jensen.

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