caraVAn | Australia

In a fleet of brightly-colored Jeeps filled with surfboards, skateboards, music equipment, art supplies and crates of Carlton Dry, the RVCA Caravan made its way from Byron Bay to Sydney. It was a two week adventure that brought together a group of multifaceted RVCA advocates to inspire each other creatively and just go where the wind blows. The Caravan was loose, and the crew was an eclectic and eccentric group of RVCA advocates who don't normally find themselves on the same program: surfers Alex Knost, Makua Rothman, Ford Archbold, Ellis Ericson and Dino Adrian; skaters Josh Harmony, Kevin “Spanky” Long and Julian Davidson; artists Kelsey Brookes, Dmote, Benjamin Jean Jean and Mark Alsweiler; womens advocates Ashley Smith and Margaux Aaramon Tucoo. Everyone coming together from different backgrounds and various places in the world to share their passion for life, adventure, art and music.

Christian Fletcher | Japan

Japan is one of the coolest places and one of my favorites in this crazy place we call a world. It’s the only spot where every imaginable trend and subculture can be seen on Tokyo’s busy streets and where doing everything to the extreme is in their nature (which I can more than relate to). Whether it is their job or just a hobby, everything they do is done with dedication and efficiency. When the Japanese do stuff they go all out, and I mean all out! For example, something I’ve always found impressive is how prepared they are when they go surfing. I mean they have plastic tubs prepared for wetsuits and changing, a shower with warm water and completely decked out mini vans with all the bells and whistles needed for a surfer. Their methods are just smart and convenient. It made me feel like the most unprepared surfer in the world because let’s be realistic here, it’s rare that I even have a towel or wax. Seeing how they did things I had to take out a pen and paper and start taking notes. And I have actually been learning, I got myself a surf wagon (still working on all the bells and whistles part). The Japanese are just cool.Words by Christian Fletcher, photos by YOGE

RVCA Hawaii 2012

RVCA Advocates and Artists Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson, Ford Archbold, Tanner Prairie, Danny Fuller, Makua Rothman, Kalani David, Daniel Jones, Betet Merta and Kevin Ancell doing their thing on the North Shore of Hawaii.

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