“神童” とも呼ばれるBJ・ペンは17歳の時にヒロ(ハワイ)にて近所に住むトム・カロスによりブラジリアン柔術と出会う。トムを通じ1997年にラルフ・グレイ シーに会い更なる柔術のトレーニングを積む為にカリフォルニアのマウンテンビューへ拠点を移すことを決める。その時から今なおBJ・ペンは、ブラジリアン 柔術とUFC(アルティメット・ファイティング・チャンピオンシップ)を通して、歴史に名高い経歴を刻み続けている。

BJ Penn | Roots of Fight

To accompany the new BJ Penn + Roots of Fight capsule collection, Roots of Fight has released a mini-documentary that explores the core concepts of the art of jiu-jitsu through a visual re-telling of how BJ Penn used his natural talent and aptitude to become the first American (in fact, the first non-Brazilian) to win a gold medal in the black belt division of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. The mini-documentary includes never before seen footage from Penn’s championship run through the Mundials in 2000 and testimony from some of jiu-jistu and MMA’s top stars including UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie, current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, legendary martial artist Bas Rutten, four-time jiu-jitsu world champion Rafa Mendes, and others including “The Prodigy” himself.

BJ Penn | Inspired By...

BJ Penn | Inspired By...

"Everybody has talent. You gotta do something with it. You gotta go make something out of it." -- BJ Penn, Inspired by the infinite possibilities of martial arts. Hear from longtime RVCA family member BJ Penn in this installment of our Inspired by series and check out BJ's new tee collection for this season. Video by Change for Balance.


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