Colin Moran

Colin Moran was born and raised in Newport Beach. Growing up with the pack at 54th street , and always pushing his limits. He is always up for the adventure of traveling the globe, looking for the next best location.

Colin Moran | Scarecrow

​Presenting a new edit by RVCA Advocate Colin Moran titled "Scarecrow", up now for your internet viewing pleasure! Video & Edit by Blaine Suque (with additional footage from friends)

Colin Moran | Newport Affair

Colin Moran surfing a fun session at 54th. Video by Matt Tromberg.

Colin Moran | Metal Neck Leftovers

Colin Moran shredding down south while filming for Metal Neck 2. Video by Matt Tromberg.

Colin Moran | What Youth

Colin Moran ripping on a boat trip with What Youth for 'Everything's Wrong But in the Right Place".

Metal Neck 2

Watch Colin tearing with the entire Metal Neck crew in 'The Bangover'. Video by Matt Tromberg.

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