Jay Davies

Jay Davies: Native American Indian in decent, Western Australian born and raised, the mountain man is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and dynamic free surfers in the world. Honing his skill on a rugged coastline know for its large powerful surf, Jay is a master of slabbing waves of consequence. Late drops into the tube and huge hulking hacks mixed with unbelievably light footed above the lip antics make him one damn exciting surfer to watch. When he isn’t at home down south enjoying some of the best waves Australia has to offer, he is off chasing waves around the globe and nailing clips with the free surf fraternities elite set.

Jay Davies | NATIVE

RVCA is glad to present NATIVE -- a new short film starring Jay Davies and Friends surfing in Western Australia. A film by Wyatt Dylan.

Jay Davies | Inspired By...

Jay Davies, Inspired By... Life in West Oz. Even whilst traveling the world, Jay explains his love for home and the creative outlook that's come from growing up in Western Australia.
Video by Wyatt Davies.

Jay Davies | java

RVCA Advocate Jay Davies in Java. Video by Jimmy Jazz James, Song " I Want You Back" by Mystic Braves.

Jay Davies | P-Pass

Video by Jimmy Jazz James, song Track 4 Desert island by Mystic Braves courtesy of Burger Records.

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