Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti Pehrson (born in Santa Rosa, California, 1972) is an American artist based in Nevada City, California. He studied painting and other art related subjects at the San Francisco Institute of Art. He has been creating geometrical hand cut paper layered into three-dimensional structures for fifteen years. His work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including the ICA San Jose ³Variations & Betwixt² Window Installation in 2014, the S.F. Art Commission ³Sea of Love² installation, curated by Triple Base and the solo show ³Connectivity² held at the Salon 91 Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2015 Tahiti¹s work has also been included in the Facebook Permanent Collection. Pehrson is currently represented by the K. Imperial Gallery in San Francisco, the Salon 91 Gallery in Capetown, South Africa and the Joseph Gross Gallery in NYC, NY.

Tahiti on his work:

Art for me has always been the inevitable consequence of a necessary compulsive behavior, a second language with more leeway to interpret and redefine reality. The inexactness of Art serves as a better description for the amorphous and indefinite nature of our experiences. My work has a lot to do with symmetry, compositional balance and perception: I like the idea of it being somewhat universal and relatable to a wider framework.

During the past ten years my work has been centered on repetitive architectural patterns and the interaction of form and volume with light and shadow. These creations tend to incorporate an obsessive, neurotic and ultimately meditative element that aims to draw attention to the unintelligible mechanism concealed behind the intricacy of certain shapes and patterns.

Tahiti Pehrson | Inspired By...

Take a close up look into the process behind the amazing artwork of RVCA Advocate Tahiti Pehrson.

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