Alex Kopps

Alex Kopps attended school at The California College of Arts in San Francisco, where he continues to live and work as an artist. Alex's visual art consists of paintings with gouache on wood and paper with subject matter that is largely nonobjective but aesthetically has strong ties to the natural world. When in the gallery, he lends towards installation using diverse materials such as live grass, scrap wood, and sewn together US currency that he cuts into silhouette form or more recently has sewn into makeshift clothing. In recent times, Alex has been begun work on his own homespun surf film, Displacement. The film is based around an obscure surf subculture inspired by the designs of George Greenough and later refined by Greg Liddle through his displacement hulls, or what its proponents call "stubbies." Displacement combines 1970s super 8 footage from “stubbie” dungeon master Steve Krajewski and the generally DIY approach to contemporary mixed media supplied by Kopps. Alex has always enjoyed challenging structure in his art, which is also evident in his filmmaking.

Alex Kopps - Greatest Surf Movie

Alex Kopps - Animation

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