Caleb Siemon loves glass. Its qualities of transparency and weight coupled with its ability to be liquid and solid have been mesmerizing artists for thousands of years. It is the character of the glass and the way it has been manipulated by craftsmen from around the world for centuries that drew Caleb to the medium and serves as the basis of his work.

The traditions of the Muranese and Scandinavian methods of glassmaking are predominant in his designs. This is exemplified by his attention to detail and simple forms. Hues from the rich Southern California landscape and patterns derived from organic elements are combined with these traditional ideals to create works of art of exceptional quality and captivating ingenuity. Caleb became enamored with glass during a brief introduction to the material in high school. He focused on it in college and after graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design, Caleb's desire to become fluent in his craft impelled him to travel to Murano, Italy. He was fortunate enough to apprentice with world acclaimed master glass sculptor, Pino Signoretto. During this time he was encouraged to "steal with his eyes" and so, when he returned to the US in 1999, he constructed his own Italian-inspired studio. This was accomplished with the help of a talented group of invited artists. Caleb continues to invite Italian masters and international glass blowers to come to California to share their techniques with the next generation of glass artisans.

Caleb is now an internationally applauded artist who has been featured in galleries and media around the world.

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