Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes was born in 1978. A formally trained scientist who spent years tracking viruses for the U.S. government, he now lives and works in San Diego as a painter. His art can be found broadly throughout the US and Europe and is represented internationally by the Lazarides gallery (London). Kelsey's figurative paintings draws influence from Hindu and Buddhist deities, exotic animals and sex, as well as rustic American quilts. Each figure is adorned with ghostly representations of the natural world... animals and plants that unfold from the body into the surrounding canvas. His chimeras are frozen with animalistic intensity in explosive and sometimes tortured positions. Kelsey blames this raw, anxious form of art on the U.S. University system which refuses to teach its scientists how to draw.

Kelsey Brookes | RVCA

Adventure with ANP Artist Kelsey Brookes through the North Shore of Hawaii. Video by Mike Miller Photo.

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Kelsey Brookes | Alex Knost

Alex Knost talks with ANP Artist Kelsey Brookes about his artwork and where it's going. View the latest RVCA Project with Alex, Kelsey and photographer Kenneth Cappello here.

Kelsey Brookes | RVCA caraVAn

RVCA ANP Artists and Advocates travel from Byron Bay to Sydney, Australia. Narrated by ANP Artist Kelsey Brookes. Filmed by Jimmy James and Brandon Jensen. Edited by Jimmy James. Visit our RVCA caraVAn page for the complete experience.


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