When Los Angeles-based graffiti artist RETNA's work first appeared in the mid-90s, what made it stand apart from the rest was its unique layering. His color palette was so intricate, so carefully chosen; his pieces often looked to have been daubed on with a paint-brush. Quite the achievement when you consider he was painting on walls, trains, bridges, and freeway overpasses in the black of night.

Originally inspired by images of females found in magazines and corporate advertisements, RETNA became known for embellishing existing fashion advertisements overlaying a classic style that recalls Mayan and Egyptian hieroglyphs, and even Byzantine religious mosaics. And now, as an artworld powerhouse, RETNA's iconic lettering work is seen the worldover adorning walls, fashion house storefronts, major galleries and even jets


This collaboration piece was put together by RETNA and El Mac on the walls of RVCA HQ.

RETNA x EL MAC | Of Our Youth

RETNA and EL MAC have teamed up for another mural, this time in Culver City. Their newest mural, titled Of Our Youth, can be seen on the side of Graphaids art supply store, on La Cienega between Jefferson and Washington.

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